MSC Opportunity Day 2021

          Mr. Kitti Techataveekijkul, Vice Chairman and Mr. Aroon Tor-ek-bundit Director Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) had released 2021 business results and opportunities in technology in 2022 online on March 22, 2022 from the MSC headquarter office.

MSC presented an overview of the company that has been in the technology industry for more than 36 years. The vision of MSC are:

  • To commitment to driving innovative solution and fully integrated IT services, aiming to sustainably create values and contributions for stakeholders.
  • To strive on personnel development through culture of creativity in order to form the knowledge and to develop the corporate potential to grow sustainably.
  • To conduct on corporate management in good corporate governance and on encouragement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental protection.

The Company’s business structure is divided into 4 main groups: Digital Transformations Solution, Digital Printing Solution, Infrastructure Solution and Information Security.

MSC announced its operating results in 2021 with total revenue from sales of goods and services of 7,199 million baht, a decrease of 2%, and a net profit of 197 million baht, an increase of 41 million baht from the previous year or 27%. The core of “MSC” comes from Software 37%, Hardware 23%, Supplies 22%, Service 18%, respectively. The short-term business strategy plan is New Normal Strategy to fit the COVID-19 situation by work outside the place or “Work from Home”. MSC has proposed Infrastructure including solutions for customers that need to work online or “Work from anywhere” that the company has continuously supported for 2 years. Moreover, MSC also emphases on providing “Intelligence Managed Service” that focuses on “Value Added” services. The long-term business goals, MSC emphases on new the Business Alliance, including the development of personnel to be competent and ready to grow forward with the company under the MSC Community – “Metro Gen” Project as a learning resource and develop personnel from both within the company as well as students and people who are interested in IT knowledges.

The core solutions, MSC focuses on three main areas: Information Security, Digital Transformations Solution and Cloud Infrastructure Solution:

  • The Information Security Business: MSC launched the SOC Center service to protect sensitive customer data at the end of 2021. At present, there are more than 20 customers who have used the service and it is likely to increase.
  • The Digital Transformations Solution business, under the brand “The Superapp”: service corporate customers at all levels to effectively manage the organization to be competitive and ready for change. MSC’s IT expertise teams will provide advice, design, implementation and installation of the system. This business will have higher demands, in the future. MSC may look for partners to help strengthen the business.
  • The Cloud Infrastructure Solution: MSC has partnered with AWS, HUAWEI CLOUD, Microsoft Azure, providing services with a team of experts to support various customer needs. In addition, the company has invested in the cloud business and launched the Metro Cloud service, which Received technology support from HP Thailand, focused on small and medium-sized business customers.

Furthermore, MSC focus on running a business with social responsibility in various fields which covers Social Dimensions, Environmental and Good Governance through various karmic activities by emphasizing the organizational culture for employees to strictly adhere to lead the organization forward continuously and sustainably.

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