Notifiable incidents involving coronavirus (COVID-19)

           We would like to inform that one of our employees who had been working at Building B of Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited, Headquarter Office has undergone a diagnostic procedure by doctor and has received positive result for coronavirus (COVID-19) on Monday, April 5, 2021 around 5:00 p.m.  Currently the employee has admitted to the disease control process Ministry of Public Health.

Regardless, the company immediately acted under the Business Continuity Plan for efficient and effective management of any risks to health and safety of all parties.

  1. The company informed 15 high-risk employees to be tested for COVID-19 virus within 3 days, found that 10 employees did not detect the infection and five others were pending the results.
  2. The company consents all employees who working in close contacts with the employee to Work from Home and Quarantine monitor symptoms for 14 days and will report to their supervisor and the Human Resources department every day. If there is any suspicion, notify the Human Resources Department to coordinate further delivery of the COVID-19 test.
  3. The company operates the most efficient and effective management of epidemic risks control by temporarily close for on-site work of Building B where employees are infected and cleaning and spraying disinfectants in every building (Big Cleaning Day) in accordance with international health standards.
  4. The company ceased meetings and seminars in groups and using an online meeting instead.
  5. Those employees who Work from Home must be tested and confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus (COVID-19) for COVID-19 before returning to work.

The company hereby confirms that the aforementioned incident does not affect the operations of the company. MSC is also able to operate business continually and serve customers at the full capacity with our availability of technology that employees can operate their Work from Home. The other employees in headquarters and other branches keep take care of themselves according to the measures specified by the company or as specified by Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Centre.

                                                                      (Announced on 7 April 2021)