Mr. Thongchai Lumveerakul, President of Digital Printing Group, Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) presented digital printing services with the latest Fuji Xerox IridesseTM Production Press.

          Fuji Xerox IridesseTM Production Press is the innovation of digital publications. Designs featuring specialty colours with the shine of eye-catching gold, silver, and metallic. This press handles printing and finishing in Single – Pass, Xerographic printing system. Highly reflective metallic colours that can be realized by the Specialty Dry Ink are preregistered. The resolution is up to 2,400 dpi per inch and can print thick paper at 400 grams per square meter with a maximum speed of 120 pages per minute.

With the Fuji Xerox IridesseTM capabilities, Printserv By MSC is able to move up to the next step of printing business. The outstanding quality supports a extensive variety of print jobs with special features that cause the differentiation for the business. Besides, we still maintain the concept of “Print On Demand”, which is a type with no minimum. Newsday, Printserv is offering Pure Digital Print services, supporting the success and enhancing their business capabilities. We run the business under the philosophy of “Customer Success is Our Business”.

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