Metro Way Awards

 Congratulations to The Web Application Team for METRO Way Award Granted. The team has demonstrated the true spirit of METRO Way as their Principals. The quality of the work is EXCELLENT. They make every effort to design the website, gather information from each BU and edit the task to the end of the time to the satisfaction of all Executive Board and staff. They represent the OWNERSHIP Value by work deeper than their own responsibility to support the project as a great TEAMWORK.

Our commitments to be an excellent company

MSC Campus Networking

MSC Campus Networking Program is organized by recruitment division to make good relationship with educational institutions that produce highly qualified graduates.

Learning and Development

We provide numbers of functional/professional trainings as well as other soft-skills trainings to each individual employee based on business needs and other skills required according to each Individual Development Plan.

Become a leader in your field of expertise

Leadership is one of our core competencies and it is an essential factor for any career success. We committed to finding and developing our higher quality leaders so that could grow them to their maximum limits.