Trust Liebert to monitor your power and cooling systems
These solutions can integrate critical power and cooling systems ,as well as other support systems, into a single network that supports continuous remote monitoring and proactive management of data centers, computer rooms and network access facilities.
Operating data from these systems can be delivered to a Web server for access through any standard Web browser or can be integrated with network or building management systems.
Liebert monitoring solutions include Liebert SiteScan Web, Liebert OpenComms Nform, Liebert Battery Monitoring, Liebert Universal Monitor and the Liebert LDS 5000 leak detection system.
VM Ware
VMware is one of the most widely deployed software suit for optimizing and managing industry standard IT environments through virtualization – from the desktop to the data center. The only production-ready virtualization software suit, VMware is proven to deliver results at more than 20,000 customers of all sizes, used in a wide variety of environments and application. The suite is fully optimized, rigorously tested and certified for the widest range of hardware, operating systems and software applications. VMware provides built-in management, resource optimization, application availability and operational automation capabilities that deliver transformative cost saving as well as increased operational efficiency, flexibility and IT service levels.