Data and Analytics

Data has become one of the most vital resource of the century. When compare data to oil in not its necessary but its power, most digital enterprise enable data driven capability by store necessary data, visualize and analytic those data to become more competitive advantage from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive then prescriptive intelligent.


Big Data Integration Tool

integration tool involves combining data from different source to BIG Data Platform.



Big Data Platform

comprehensive set of Big Data Storage, Servers, Database, Big Data Management and other Big Data Utility.



BI & Data Visualization

process that collecting data and analyze it to extract actionable insights from it with business information.

Microsoft PowerBI

Advance Analytics & AI/ML

from data to analytics to Artificial Intelligent (AI) with predictive and prescriptive capability.

IBM Watson

Microsoft AI

Data Scientist Platform

makes data science collaborative, scalable, and impactful between data science, business, and IT teams.