Business Productivity Center

Business Productivity Center was built to show how the power of Microsoft productivity solutions in action on multiple platforms both on-premise and cloud through real-time demonstrations and scenarios customized for your business.
Meet our team of certified and skilled specialists at BPC to help customers maximize benefits on using Microsoft products and services.

Solutions : Microsoft solutions comprise of on-premise and cloud like Microsoft Office365 & Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft on-premise solutions like MS SQL, Microsoft BI, etc.

Microsoft solutions on cloud like Microsoft Office365 & Microsoft Azure

Facilities : Proof of Concept Room, Video conference room and Training room


• Strategy Briefings: to examine your business productivity challenges, technical needs and current IT environment.

• Modern technology presentation: to bring out the latest development of technologies and solutions for customer to enhance new knowledge and perceptions that lead back more effective workflow or business development.

• Architecture Design Sessions: to provide architectural design guidance, best practice inputs and simple prototype for envisioning the productivity challenges and potential solutions.

• Proof-of-Concept Workshops: to develop a prototype of your customized productivity solution with Microsoft technology.

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